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February 7, 2016:
Is B-12 an effective fat burner, or does it supply the energy to achive a weight loss goal?.


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How effective are B-12 Injections in Obesity Prevention and Weight Loss?

Weight loss, energy, and medical needs cited

The use of B-12 for weight loss is disputed, with many authorities saying that B-12 does not contribute to fat loss or shedding of pounds, while naturopaths swear by the ability of the vitamin injection, especially in conjunction with HCG or other supplement shots. One of the major problems with evaluating any diet protocol is that the seriousness of the patient in losing weight has to be considered. A person who is willing to get injections for weight loss may be more motivated than an individual who would rather just take pills. Furthermore, the effect of the injection may not burn fat by itself, but the energy and sense of well being from the B12, or the cessasation of symptoms related to B-12 deficiency, may be able to motivate people to take the real steps involved in losing weight. If B12 helps a person exercise, then it can be seen as an essential part of the process. At the same time, if you can lose weight without taking supplements, and you don't have a vitamin deficiency, you might just want to exercise more, turn off the TV, and get out into the world. Some vitamin deficiencies are the result of a poor diet, where sugary sodas and fried foods have substituted for fresh vegetables and leaner meats. Remember, your future depends on healthy eating, and even if you are using injectable vitamins today it may not be necessary to keep using them once you reach your target weight.

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Special note: If you are looking to lose weight, first check with your doctor to make sure that any supplement or drug you take is not going to interact with any other supplements or pills that you're taking.