B12 Shot Videos


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November 7, 2012:
Renewed interest in Vitamin B-12 injections.


Follow Doctors, not YouTube Stars for advice:

Always follow the instructions of your physician TO THE LETTER no matter what you see in these videos. People on YouTube are not always the best source for definitive information.

Videos of People Giving B12 Shots or Talking About Them.

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This one:

And this one about b12 deficiency:

And one for your pet!


Notes and Special Information

Special note: As a general rule, you can't learn how to give injections just by watching videos, or even watching people inject themselves. The actual presence of a medical professional, who is certified in training, should be the basis for any kind of self-injection protocol. This is very important because you don't want to risk complications like gangrene and death from incorrectly injecting medicines, failing to sterilize the injection site, or injecting into veins instead of muscle tissue. Ask a real doctor or nurse with experience that is specific to lipotropic injections, and see a medical professional immediately if you experience adverse symptoms.