B-12 Self Injection


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February 7, 2016:
Ask your doctor to provide you with training to do a self-injection properly. Safety is the primary concern here, so if you are not confident you should stick with professionals.


Why learn how to give yourself a shot?:

The biggest reason to learn self-injection for a necessary treatment is in case you need freqent treatment or may be out of range of doctors for a length of time.

Standard Warning: You should always get self-injection instructions from a trained medical professional who can warn you about the dangers of any kind of injection protocol. Injecting yourself with Vitamin B-12 could be hazardous if you do it incorrectly, and you want to follow all instructions for avoiding infection and other side effects.

Don't get your injection advice from fellow celebrities, unless they happen to be medical doctors.

Self injection for B12 is typically carried out by people who have a condition such as pernicious anemia, which is treated with periodic injections to counteract the body's failure to produce B-12 on its own. In other cases parents are trained to give the injections to children with vitamin deficiencies.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: See a doctor or nurse, and make sure the injection site is clean, and that you know what to avoid.