B12 Injections


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November 7,2012:
Recent warningns on injections and the off-label use of B12 remind people to be wary of B12 (or any supplement or prescription drug) as a cure-all.


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A quick look on the Internet will show a variety of different prices for B-12 and lipotropic injection supplements. As recent pharmacy issues have revealed, it may make sense to be assured that your injections are prepared in an environment that meets sterility standards.

Why people give themselves B12 injections.

Weight loss, energy, and medical needs cited

B12 InjectionsAs most people know, B-12 injections are associated with energy and the treatment of various deficiencies where the body is not able to create vitamin b-12 on its own. The use of B12 in injectable form was popularized in the late 2000's by celebrities who referenced using Vitamin B12 for sports and to keep them energized for performances. There are also many different formulations that are injected into muscle and fat with the aim of reducing weight or eliminating fat cells, but the FDA has warnings about some supplements that may cause serious scarring or infections. As a rule, people who are actively advertising B12 injections and stand to make money off of them are going to be the ones who tell you that you can use them to lose weight, feel better, and do a lot of things that may considered "off label" according to the United States Food and Drug administration. You should not be taking B12 injections just to fit in or feel like part of a social group, especially since even though B-12 is a natural vitamin that is stored for years in the liver, there can be side effects that may sometimes be less pleasant than the ailment that its use is supposed to cure. As a treatment for pernicious anemia, Vitamin B12 shots are essential and cannont be discounted as a lifesaving measure. As a fad drug for people who want more personal exposure, B-12 shots may not be worth the time, and the $35 to $100 cost of the injection could be better spent.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: One of the most common failings of the supplement industry is the idea that more is better. The body functions best when things are in balance, and with most vitamins an excessive amount gets filtered by the kidneys anyway, so megadosing on vitamins probably won't create the effect that you are hoping for.