B12 Shots For Sale


Latest news:

February 7, 2016:
The Vitamin B12 Phenomenon rides along! Athletes and entertainers advertise vitamin injections.


Bizarre Health Claims:

Salespeople at nutrition stores might be going overboard in selling you vitamins you don't need. Note that diseases may like vitamins and minerals for growth as well. In fact, some strains of virus target healthy people.

Places to get Vitamin B-12 Shots.

Injectable and Drinkable Shots of B12

When people talk about B12 Shots, they may either be referring to the small energy "shots" that are designed to drink in one gulp, or to the old-fashioned syringes of the vitamin which may be combined with other nutrients based on the patient's needs. For instance, pernicious anemia, which used to be fatal, is now treated with monthly injections. Meanwhile, people who don't like needles, and are looking to give themselves a supplement in the old fasioned way, might prefer the drinkable variety of B12, which looks remarkably similar to the "5 hour energy" drinks that are a hit among truckers, college students, and people who can't wait around for coffee to brew. A new product is a "lipoceutical" spray or drops that let you get your B-12 under the tongue but they are also called "shots" in order to claim the effect. Even the chewable supplements have gotten on the bandwagon, and call themselves "no shot" b-12.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: You should have a prescription from a real doctor if you plan to inject yourself with anything, and you should also be very clear on how to give yourself injections, what to avoid, and how to sterilize the injection site, etc. A doctor or nurse should train you how to give yourself injections properly, and if you are not able to do so then you should defer to licensed medical professionals, and not friends who may be good at injecting themselves.