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February 7, 2016:
The FDA is warning about "fat burners" that are injected into fat cells, and may or may not contain B12. Some of these formulations cause scarring and disfigurement as well as dangerous infections, abcesses, . There may also be aluminum compounds in the injections that cause aluminum toxicity.


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The usage of a FitBit or even a smartphone app for monitoring your activity can help you track your exercise habits.

Are lipotropic fat burning injections effective?

Many patients swear by B-12 injections and lipotropic treatments

How well do fat burning injections work? Like most supplements and diet plans, they work best when a regimen of diet and exercise is followed over time, and naturally this leads to the question about whether the person would have gotten the same results just by dieting and exercising. Many fans of lipotropic injections will point out that these shots contain essential nutrients including vitamin B6, B12, methione, inositol, choline, and various other ingredients designed to speed metabolism, increase energy, and remove fats from the body via the bloodstream and kidneys. Some individuals who have gotten fat burning injections report losses of up to 30 pounds per month, but like any weight loss program a doctor should be consulted considering that extreme weight loss may have secondary health effects.

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