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February 7, 2016:
Medical professionals recommend consulting with licensed doctors about any injectable B12 dosage. Sublingual and supplement usage should also be medically supervised. That person at the vitamin store is probably imbued with an ulterior motive.


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Methylcobalamin is touted as having "no cyanide" but this is a bit of a misnomer since the "cyanide" (Cyanocobalamin) B12 is not harmful. This is sort of like saying salt is bad because it is one-half chlorine, and chlorine is a poisonous gas, when in reality the big danger from salt is high blood pressure.

What is the correct dosage for Vitamin B12 Injections?

You need to find out from a doctor! 1000 MCG/1ML is one of many dosages available, but other doses go up to 10,000 mcg/ml and only a medical professional can show educate you on how much is too much, just enough, or not enough at all! Remember, many sites sell injectable B12 in multiple formulations, more is not necessarily better, and you shouldn't waste money.

Vitamin B-12 dosage can be very variable based on factors like age, weight, and condition. You should get dosing information from a medical professional who evaluates you in-person and makes a recommendation that is tailored toward all of our health conditions. For any information related to what goes into your body and how much, you should consider who your relatives should sue if you die after getting bad advice. If you got your information off some random website, then they are going to have very little recourse. If you have a prescription from a real doctor, and it is totally wrong, then malpractice insurance is going to kick in.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: For injectable B-12, make sure you are getting a pharmaceutical grade product, and even then you should have all your prescriptions in order.